A recent memory has haunted me, defying my dreamless sleep. For I dreamt I saw you standing before me in the distance. An unknown world, dark with fog, save for you, a lantern in hand, the only light that could be seen. The lantern of death, I realise it to be, startled so, I accept my […]

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Across the floor, amongst the turmoil of masks and feathers, I catch the scent of your soul As if Siren, I am drawn, the elegance of your solitary silence I summon the courage to chance upon your hand, expecting recoil Recoil not, my fingers bask in your warmth It is then I meet your face, I fall subject to […]

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All I have left from you is my failed honour. It was after your love-indebted kiss that I offered you my life and my sword, at your service. I saw fit no purpose of myself but in the honour of you. Upon visiting you, I remember what I once knew as your presence. When I close my […]

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Then, and now.

If I could conjure all of the time in this world, I would put it toward nothing more than to spend my life with you. I fear for as so the Raven quoth nevermore, it shall be so the truth. And as such that may be the truth, conversely it may not hold true. We are […]

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I had the intention to write something many hours ago (approximately 30) – I caught a glimpse of something that prompted a tiny rush of thoughts to form a sentence or two. “I thought I saw you in a mirror, today, it was not my reflection but the reflection of you. You were not there, […]

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A pretty, young witch once told me my fate was in my hands. Well, that seems quite obvious as we are sentient beings with a reasonable degree of control over our own lives. Or so we keep telling ourselves. Though, what she meant was my fate lines, the creases on my palms, forged at the dawn of […]

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A Love Ballad

(A piece of writing from a while ago to introduce potential readers to my style of writing) If I could, I would call all the stars down to you, so you could see how bright they shine. You need to glimpse their beauty; the way they contrast with the dark. Though don’t despair now, for […]

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