Our first blog post!

This is the very first post on our shiny new blog, Early Sunsets.

Our blog features two contributors from arguably different backgrounds – you may find this apparent as we begin to post content here, as each of us will likely have our own outlook, our own perspective on things we decide to post here.

Why the name Early Sunsets?

The first hint of an early sunset is the harbinger of change.

The cold kiss of wind rushes across your face when the last light is defeated by the brooding clouds awaiting their promised absolution. The azure sky is no more, for the world is now grey.

For many, winter is no solace. It represented a time of death and decay for people in the time since lost. However, it was also a chance of hope, the darkest day afforded the next brighter.

I feel most at peace in the dark days of winter. The perturbing cold seems to reach an equilibrium with my soul, the short days and long nights of rain provide the ultimate solace to my mind. The bleak skies and the grey wash over the landscape. I loyally submit to her cold embrace, the void.







4 thoughts on “Our first blog post!

  1. Well said! I love your take on change. While Autumn is my favorite season, I couldn’t live without Winter’s cold, brisk wind, the exhilaration of shoveling snow (I know – people think I’m weird 🙂 and the stark shadows cast by leafless trees in the low light of morning. A very warm welcome to you!

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