Across the floor, amongst the turmoil of masks and feathers, I catch the scent of your soul

As if Siren, I am drawn, the elegance of your solitary silence

I summon the courage to chance upon your hand, expecting recoil

Recoil not, my fingers bask in your warmth

It is then I meet your face, I fall subject to your light

Your eyes, only which of your face your elaborate mask affords

Eyes locked, I lead you to dance in silence

The rest of the hall becoming a blur, the world decays around me until only you are left

Your shining eyes

Time slows, such I live and die in eternity, between each heart beat

I find my hand faltering, surrendering your grip

I fall, cold as you turn your back

And take your steps, away from me

The crowd envelops you, I am lost

I arise, the hazed world reforming before me

Amongst the sea of unfamiliar masks I suspect your path

I can feel your radiating warmth, like the sun in spring

I follow it beyond the floor

I find myself wandering the great hall, at the end, a chamber door

Your trail of warmth fading, I fear for it vanquished by the winter cold

I begin to lose to hope, upon turning open to door

I see your mask, shattered on the floor

It is then, mine is condemned to such a fate

As my gaze rises, I once again catch your eyes

And see your face, just as I had remembered

Your silent words, I hear them

Oh, I knew you would come for me,

it was your eyes, they betrayed you,

and so as they say,

if you will live for me,

shall you die for me?

So then, we can be together.
























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