A recent memory has haunted me, defying my dreamless sleep.

For I dreamt I saw you standing before me in the distance.

An unknown world, dark with fog, save for you, a lantern in hand, the only light that could be seen.

The lantern of death, I realise it to be, startled so, I accept my sentence for I am ready.

I willingly submit to thee, angel of death.

Without conclusion, my curiosity peaked in the moments followed. I had become to understand you were not holding the lantern of death, though the lantern of life.

However, it was no lantern you held, merely an outstretched hand.

Your radiating light poured from no lantern, nor pyre.

It dawned to me that you stood before me not as the harbinger of death, but the promise of life.

My world afire by the luminance of your soul.





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